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Recently the timing belt broke. Startup is normal and drivability hasn't changed.
cracked indoor jam sight level
There is voltage at the Tailgate Open Switch. The problem is upstream from that switch to what is actuated when that voltage is grounded through the switch. Where can I find a circuit diagram showing the elements a...
Installed new linkage and tested before I put the wiper arms back on . Wiper never stop in the same position
This happens when I am pulling into my garage which is a right turn or into a parking space either left or right turn?
I replaced the battery in my 2002 honda cr-v. I have the code for the system but the radio will not power on (no display) to enter the code. The fuse is good.
My car has been running fine until today. I felt it jerk when I was driving down the highway. I pressed on the gas pedal but it wouldnt pick up speed, then a few seconds later it was fine again. Driving down the hi...
I am trying to figure out where to loosen and not to loosen the auto tensioner for the drive (serpentine) belt... Chilton only gives info and photos on the civic and says they are similar... NOT!!!!!
humming and buzzing like noise coming from area behind glove box when ac is on. Only happens at certain RPMs usually second gear and between 2000 and 3000 RPM on both deceleration and acceleration. Noise goes away w...