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the noise seems to be coming from the engine and it only does it when it is cold outside in the summer time i don't hear it and the passenger door on the right is stuck in the lock position
1. The engine light is always on. 2. The car halts when taking reverse or sharp turns or u turns. 3.The car vibrates jerks violently when ht ea.c is on and the idling RPM drops down to 200 as if the car is about ot ...
my u jt is about to break need a new one asap live in greenville south carolina some quote 650 or more for a new one honda quote 1200.00 what the hell no one is honest with there pricing and i dont have that kind of m...
My car started shaking violenty just this past week. Yesterday it stalled on the freeway as I was driving down the freeway at about 60 mps, I felt the car slowing down and had to pull to the side. As I pulled to the s...
driver door lock mechanism,will not unlock with key and buzzes real loud when you lock it with the key or with the door button. thanks,jfamos13@bellsouth.net
when i try to use keyless entry,it makes a buzzing sound and the doors don't open. i disconnected actuator and tried to open manually. Sometimes it unlocks and sometimes it doesn't. What is the problem?