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Ok so I have had this problem for months. First, my check engine came on and the reader told me it was the TPS sensor so I replaced it, check engine still said TPS was failing. Then a month later my car started to idl...
What should I be looking for-- fluid just changed and up to full
How to reset code p0507 of Honda crv . The check engine light is on the rpm is 1000 . How can I reset this code. Please reply me as soon as possible
My parents are looking to get a new car and i have been telling them we can just fix it with all new parts and it would be less then their budget of $18,000
the axle has not come out of trans, but seems to have slipped out of the inner flange.. can't push far enough in to bolt upper control arm
Car is coming on to the freeway going up hill turning corner and then it just dies. It's not electrical or battery. This has never happened ever. Car run beautiful all the time. Very reliable.
Money is tight, and willing to try
Have 2001 crv---intermittent wiper function does not work.. Got a used one--now on ALL functions the wipers park at 1/3 the way up the windshield. Both motor & wipers were in park position when removed. Is it a relay ...
in the 1/3 up the window position in all settings. BUT--you can easily manually push down down to parked position. This is a used replacement motor. Could it also be defective?
My check engine light is on, and I was told by PEPBOYS that the engine code was P1456. What does this mean, and how much, approximately will it cost me to fix the problem so that I don't have to keep staring at that '...
trans was in repair shop 3 months. unable to be fixed. is this fixable or should I get another transmission
I've had this towed to my mechanic. They managed to get it loose but couldn't see anything wrong with the mechanism and couldn't get it to lock up again. Any thoughts as to the cause of the problem.
I was recently told that I needed a new gas cap; all I got in explanation was that it had something to do with the pressure in my gas tank. I had taken the car (2001 Honda CRV) in for the required annual inspection st...
read that a groaning noise could be heard if there is a breakdown in the differential fluid. could this noise be caused by faulty struts?