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is there anyway to completely get rid of it on my vehicle? if u unhook the battery the radio locks up until u get a code from the dealership, its affecting my door locks, and i am worried that even tho i found the fus...
was told it could be the cylinder on engine needs tobe replaced what cost am I looking at
the indicator button on the door jamb came loose - indicates ligths left on, how do I get the button out of the small round hole to fix it?
I took my car out today and as I was pulling out I realized that whenever I turned the wheel it made an awful noise. Once I opened the hood, it became clear that power steering fluid was extremely low. There are quite...
where is it located. what does it look like and I believe there is a gasket. How can I find schematics
I have to replace the upper radiator hose so I have to remove the 2 clamps. How is that done?
i have a b20 in an integra with msd cap rotor blaster coil $ msd 6al ignition box. the connector on cap that connects to coil broke & car stalled. i replaced cap rotor & coil & theres no power to the coil or spark. A...