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After taking the master cylinderfrom the clutchandreplace it with anew one ,the clutch pedalstays on the floor without any pressure after doing all the steps of bleeding it and putting the new parts and brake fluid. C...
I have a blinking check engin lite code is wheel sensor 2 intermittent crt. what wheel is wheel sensor 2
After driving for over on hour on interstate, my honda slightly sputter around 60-65 mph(2500 rpm) gradually getting worse. If I drop my speed to 50-55 mph (2100 rpm) it doesn't seem to happen. This has been happening...
please what is the meaning of HO2S(B2)(S1) heater fault
98k -Manual Transmission -2000 Honda CR_V. When I took the vehicle to the dealer , he said I need to change Brake pad and Timing belt. As far as i can see, my brakes work good. The dealer was mentioning the brake pads...
The heater blows cold air. Fan is fine, just no heat.
My honda vibrates when i drive on the highway goin 75 or more
weather i turn right or left it still vibrates what could it be?
I noticed that the window was getting slower when I rolled it up or down but now it doesn't work at all. I can hear the motor but the window doesn't move.
2 days ago, before I set out on a 600-mile roundtrip - my engine light came on. I made sure the gas cap was tightened and set out on my trip. The engine light never went out. Then at the very end of the trip, when ...
Power locks operate on their own when it rains or they get wet, What could cause this to happen?
When I turn on my car I have to hit it under the dash to get my AC/Heater blower blowing & it is noisy. When I am idling at a stop light my AC turns into heat & makes a tick, tick, tick! The heat works fine.
136,000 miles The belts were change 20,000 miles ago. When cold and first started up the power steering slips while turning. After the car is warm the problem disappears. There are no fluid leaks visible on the vehi...
The malfunction indicator lamp has come on and stays on. I'm off work without pay.Cannot afford trip to mechanic. Should I be worried about this or is there something I can do myself.Water and oil levels are ok.