When pushing on the Clutch, it almost goes all the way down to the floor before I can shift gears. what may be the most cost efficient procedure to request?

had all four tires replaced and alighned---came home and my brake lights dont work-----upper center lamp is working. any ideas ?

I took my car out today and as I was pulling out I realized that whenever I turned the wheel it made an awful noise. Once I opened the hood, it became clear that power steering fluid was extremely low. There are quite a few circular spots on the concrete below my car. I'm not sure if there is a leak or not, but if there is, how much does it generally cost to fix a leak?

where is it located. what does it look like and I believe there is a gasket. How can I find schematics

I have to replace the upper radiator hose so I have to remove the 2 clamps. How is that done?

How much it cost to replace the front wheel sway bar link replacement

i have a b20 in an integra with msd cap rotor blaster coil $ msd 6al ignition box. the connector on cap that connects to coil broke & car stalled. i replaced cap rotor & coil & theres no power to the coil or spark. ANY IDEAS PLEASE ?

How much does it cost to diagnose the problem?
We think it is the fuel injectors..

After taking the master cylinderfrom the clutchandreplace it with anew one ,the clutch pedalstays on the floor without any pressure after doing all the steps of bleeding it and putting the new parts and brake fluid. Can you help why myclutch pedal does not generates pressure?

I have a blinking check engin lite
code is wheel sensor 2
intermittent crt.
what wheel is wheel sensor 2

After driving for over on hour on interstate, my honda slightly sputter around 60-65 mph(2500 rpm) gradually getting worse. If I drop my speed to 50-55 mph (2100 rpm) it doesn't seem to happen. This has been happening for months now. Driving around town its fine. the "check engine" light has NOT come on.

please what is the meaning of HO2S(B2)(S1) heater fault

98k -Manual Transmission -2000 Honda CR_V. When I took the vehicle to the dealer , he said I need to change Brake pad and Timing belt. As far as i can see, my brakes work good. The dealer was mentioning the brake pads are worn out and stuff. Is he just making up story or is it quite normal to have the brakes worn out. I dont drive often and mostly in the local traffic.

The heater blows cold air. Fan is fine, just no heat.

My honda vibrates when i drive on the highway goin 75 or more