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Check engine light misfire in cylinder 3 and random misfire, Had ohms test, spark plugs, wire tested and Compression test. Number 2 comes back dead. Also checked fuel injectors. Had head fixed once before a few yea...
over bumps the suv makes a knocking sound. sounds like horses are running. is this the sway bar ?
This is not working the brake makes a poping noise and not shift from park. I have a key that goes into a hole that lets me shift the gears. Trying to find out what needs to be done to fix this probles.
The horn work if the engine if turned off
just fixed my ac in the honda by replacing the expansion valve and the gas... now when the ac is cycled on the transmission wants to over rev and has a problem shifting.. but when the ac is off the problem is not tha...
how do i replace d4 gear indication light on 1998 honda cr-v?
when i get up to 60 mph the transmission makes a loud noise but it shifts good and is smoothe? any suggestions?
My cd player in my crv does not work the radio works fine but when I put cd a code comes up on cd player it is either peo or ped, I have tried cleaning it but same problem any ideas?
when idling it idles smoothly, then so roughly it shakes the car. back and forth. Last week same symptoms, then car lost all power. Had to be towed. Had the igntion coil and ignitor replaced last week. Similar symptom...