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IMA & check engine lt on; code = electric battery failure. However, no symptoms of battery failure as when 1st battery failed. Charging fine, holding charge fine. Only symptom is auto stop feature not working most of ...
The interior lights went out as well as the rear lights. the reverse and break lights still work. When tracking found the the passenger side marker lights were blown. replaced lights and fuse that was also blown. ...
What do the check engine Codes P1420 P2000 and secondary codes 0137,0138,0141,0143,0144 and 0147 mean and what do I replace
I have A 2003 Civic Hybird and need the front Converter however I can't seem to find an after market one for a CAL.Hybird. Does anyone know where I can buy one instead of Riff off Honda Dealers.
Hi, My emissions light is on. It's not the gas cap, and I've got plenty of gas in the car. Any guesses as to what the cause is and the solution? thanks!
Is it possible to switch-out the manual transmission in my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid for an automatic transmission? If so, what is ballpark cost? Thank you much, Lindsay Parham Aptos, CA (near Santa Cruz)
Mastertech6371: I know that the dryer and pulley were replaced when the new air compressor was installed. Do not know about the evacuate the system--what do you mean? I took the car back in and they checked the freon...