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after disconnecting positive terminal on battery to reset mileage on i-Mid panel then check brake system, check power steering and two others came on so how do you reset those
The brakes on my Honda seem to fall to the floor and grind when braking and going over bumps at the same time. I'm unsure if this is working as it should or not but it feels wrong.
They worked 1 morning then just stopped working. . I can control radio manually except the back lights out. And the steering wheel control module for the radio stopped working the same time.. my question is what the p...
Went on vacation for a week and came back to a car that won't start. My 2012 honda has under 10,000 miles on it and i did not leave any lights on. The battery is fine and the car tries to start but it won't turn on. ...
the enging can use up to 5l of oil for 10000 km . the car is driven 50000km