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what does an exclaimation point in an orange circle mean
I keep needing to jump start the car, keep bringing it into Honda, and Honda keeps telling me that both the battery and the engine off electrical current draw tests are perfect. I would appreciate any insights you may...
I checked the air pressure in all 4 tires and added a little air to each. Manual says if indicator does not reset, visit the dealer. Any way I can reset it?
I was driving my 2008 Honda Civic when i started to lose power. I was feeling really sluggish. Won't go 20 - 30. Even slower up hill. Went to auto store so they could check the Engine light and they said Cylinder 2 Mi...
When I turn the steering wheel, the vehicle makes a clicking noise. Is it CV Joints or Tie Rods? How much is it going to cost with parts and labor.
Need to replace front brake pads and fix rotors, But i don't want new rotors.
The radio, sunroof, and the locks all stop working at once what could it be? We checked the fuses and they was not blown what else could it be?
My dealer is insisting I come in for a 30,000 mile inspection and they estimate my cost to be $300 (or a $500 or $600 package). Does this sound appropriate for my car or are they just trying to rack up unnecessary ch...
oil and filters
Estimate to replace rear bumper and another estimate to paint rear bumper. Thanks
can the IACV (idle air control valve) be cleaned or rebuilt? i believe mine is not functioning correctly.
Problem with brakes. At only 14,896 miles needed complete front brake work up. Very disepinted
what is the correct idle speed for a warmed up engine on a 2008 civic with manual tranny?
yesterday had the oil changed the oil service life gauge still says oil life at 50%. should the gauge autoreset or do i have to reset it bought the car used and dont have the manual
For awhile my cars steering wheel has been shaking when the breaks are applied (no matter how light). Lately, it has been making an annoying screeching noise, usually when i first start to drive it. This only occurs w...