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Aside from seeking second opinion at another shop, is there a way to discern legitimate recommendation for alignment vs. money making scam? Thanks so much for your help.
What can it be? Also hear noise while stopping and driving.
I recently took my car in to a dealer for an oil change and the courtesy check I received said that there was fluid leaking around my timing belt and I should take it in to Honda for a diagnostic. What kind of proble...
and how do i change it
rt. rear window will not go up or down also will not work at driver side control
Replace rear brake shoes, but can't get the drums to fit over the new shoes. The pressure in the pistons keeps pushing the shoes outward. THANKS!
I got a CEL of PO498- Evap Vent vlv malf ckt low I checked fuses 23 & 4, they are good. How can I troubleshoot this problem.
I have a 07 Civic 1.8. Recently pulled the head and had a couple valves replaced. Also replace 1 injector. The car makes a sound like i havent got the valves set right and it also seems to be running high rpms. It is ...
whent im driving in freeway my civic is not stayble in road
The fuel door on my wife's Civic malfunctioned and apparently the hinge popped loose from the rig. In other words, the fuel door w/ hinge attached is only held on by the plastic tie going to the fuel cap. The door/h...
how to fix drivers seat belt return device? after unclipping seat belt,it just drops down over door sill
the plug to the oil pan was stripped durring an oil change, an oversized plug was installed, but now that plug is starting to loosen up and leak oil. what can i do short of replacing the oil pan?