that could cause both fans not to work at same time?

How much should it cost to replace a car battery- including labor?

2007 Automatic honda civic.
Having problems with not being able to take key out of ignition. Thought there was a problem with the ignition assembly so I bought the part for it, the provlem is the key still won't come out even with the new part. Thinking this problem is related to the transmission?

Using factory key, the car turns over then immediately stalls when key is put into run position.
- AT shift is locked no matter what position the key is in
- Remote starter (after market) works and the car idles even after inserting key and putting in run position
- When idling (remote start) or with key in any position, shift still locked, no dash lights, no rpm's on tach, power windows inoperable

I have used both factory keys. I do not have a valet key. I also disconnected the battery. No change.

Anyone have any ideas?

I have 2007 Honda and have bn using it for 3yrs without issues. Bought it 2nd hand.

I changed the canister and all the solenoids attached to it and it changed the purge valve at the firewall and still having this issue and code.

while driving 20 to 70 miles per hour the rear end of the car is making noise ,the tires are good and brakes are good. i have about 75000 miles on car,its been doing this for 2 years but getting loud. thanks

after the wipers stop i can get them to move again for quite some time

recently I have changed rear wheel hose and gets breaks service done after that I m observing that abs and parking break lights gets on after few minutes drive and it gone when we switch off car for few minutes ....

Just told that I need struts (front) & shocks (rear). What else might be headed my way, in the way of major expenses? Car has 110,000 miles, and has no known problems.


light burnt out