2007 Honda Civic Problem Reports

Most Reported 2007 Honda Civic Problem Reports

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In some cases drive belt noise can be heard from the passenger compartment. Installing a new updated belt from Honda and rerouting the belt is needed will commonly correct this noise issue.

On some models with automatic transmissions, during a cold start at high altitude the brake pedal feels hard. Replacing the power brake booster and updating Powertrain Control Module (PCM) the with a Honda software update is needed for this issue.

On some models the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can misinterpret data and set a false Check Engine light (MIL) for catalyst failure. A software update from Honda will address this issue.

Windshield liquid leaks due to wrapped upper part that fills the winshield bottle. The wrapping is caused due to heating from the engine. The upper part is dispatched from the windshield bottle. In new civic models the bottle and the neck that fills it are made one piece. This is an unexpected design deficiency from Honda.