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the car started for to days now it takes about 20 min. to start whats the problem ?
My car was running fine until one day my airbag and brake warning lights illuminated on the console and my hvac system won't blow at all. I can feel some heat emanating from the vents but it doesn't blow. Could it be...
I had replace the EGR valve and do some cleaning under the EGR port
Replaced the thermostat last year; had it flushed twice last year and more recently Friday (11/14). It was blowing HOT when I picked it up and less than an hour later I heard a gurgling sound and smelled an awful sme...
When trying to start it, it doesn't click. The car stalled today in second gear while making a turn. Seemed to cut.out. It took 6 to 7 tries to get it started. What could be the problem?
I replaced the bulbs & they still don't work. It is only the passenger side.
secondary wire ti test if there is negative the blowing will works what should i do or to check the negative.