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I replaced the altinator and have no power battery is good but nothing
The car rumbles, drives hard until warmed up. Their diagnosis said it needs a side engine mount. They didn't say if it is a right side or left side. Does it matter? How much should this cost?? I'm trying to get e...
I hear a knocking noise at 3000 rpm it has been getting louder what can it be also there is times where I can't go past 3000 rpms why does it do that ? Please and thank you
Light came on months ago / airbag . No reason why. My husband put wire in sensor to reset. It worked for an hour then came back on.
now he flushe it and still wont drive only reverse please help me thank u
I want to change it my self , if you can point me to the rite way to do it , it would help me a lot , I don't have the bucks to take it in for repairs thank you neaman
When slowing down to make a turn, the car doesn't seem to downshift smoothly causing the car to jerk when accelerating after the turn. It feels like it wants to stall as if it is in the wrong gear. When i let off th...
Accidentally touched the hot wire on the distributor now my horn keeps honking and there is complete power loss to the car interior no dash no dome no ignition