the car started for to days now it takes about 20 min. to start whats the problem ?

it does it between 1000 and 2000 rpm

My car was running fine until one day my airbag and brake warning lights illuminated on the console and my hvac system won't blow at all. I can feel some heat emanating from the vents but it doesn't blow. Could it be a blown fuse? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks

I had replace the EGR valve and do some cleaning under the EGR port

I hear a knocking noise at 3000 rpm it has been getting louder what can it be also there is times where I can't go past 3000 rpms why does it do that ? Please and thank you

Replaced the thermostat last year; had it flushed twice last year and more recently Friday (11/14). It was blowing HOT when I picked it up and less than an hour later I heard a gurgling sound and smelled an awful smell then no more heat. On Saturday steam or smoke started pouring out of the defroster (I did NOT have the heater or defroster on at the time)so bad that I had to roll down the windows so I could breathe. Now I'm told the heater core is leaking and needs to be replaced for approx $900 (the flush Friday was $150). The stench is awful and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 38 so I really need to get the heat fixed but I don't trust them now. Any suggestions????

Light came on months ago / airbag . No reason why. My husband put wire in sensor to reset. It worked for an hour then came back on.

VIN 2HGES16325H620750

When trying to start it, it doesn't click. The car stalled today in second gear while making a turn. Seemed to cut.out. It took 6 to 7 tries to get it started. What could be the problem?