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Light came on months ago / airbag . No reason why. My husband put wire in sensor to reset. It worked for an hour then came back on.
When trying to start it, it doesn't click. The car stalled today in second gear while making a turn. Seemed to cut.out. It took 6 to 7 tries to get it started. What could be the problem?
I replaced the bulbs & they still don't work. It is only the passenger side.
secondary wire ti test if there is negative the blowing will works what should i do or to check the negative.
start again but will notstart ,i try to check the fuses all works and the key must show in the panneloard will not appear
now he flushe it and still wont drive only reverse please help me thank u
Car has 144,000 miles, Value Package VP, std. trans. Regularly maintained at dealer. No extra problems until Feb 2014--had to replace the headgasket. Now the cam sensor needs replaced ($1100)and probably the timing ...
I want to change it my self , if you can point me to the rite way to do it , it would help me a lot , I don't have the bucks to take it in for repairs thank you neaman