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I just bough a 2004 honda civic with 107855 miles on it,my question is what type of oil should i use in this car.Ive heard 5W 20,AND What brand would you reccomend,penzoil,mobil,castrol etc etc.Thanks. Toby
It work's when i pushed the overpass button. it was working fine i just replaced the tps sensor also clean the whole trottle body and after that this happen's i wonder if it's related please help me
Shudder or Vibration While Driving at Speeds Between 35 and 40 MPH. Goes away at speeds below and above 40 mph. Just had 4 new tires put on and an alignment. Condition persists.
I have a 2004 honda civic ex 1.7 vtech I have it since new at 150,000 the transmission required a rebuild. now at 222,000 it shifts fine accept when going into 4th gear and mainly up a hill has no power as it seem to ...
It dies out while driving. Yet it started up fine then dies out before I can stick it into gear. Now when I try to start it, it makes a loud clanking noise. Not sure if it's the rods or bearings. Need HELP!
Oil level doesnt lower. I cant figure out where the oil is coming from. Oil plug and oil pan are clean and theres no oil spots on the cement where it is parked. And i dont think the transmission should be hot enough t...
it's not getting the gear signals from the transmission/shifter to the dashboard/car not letting me turn it on even by unlocking the shifter it still will show no signal on any other gear
Rear passenger window works fine when operated from that door. When operating same window from master control It roles down but not up. Used a tester on the switch at master control center and the switch seams to be f...
catalytic converter replacement cost
installed a keyless remote- the drivers side side will not open?
it sounds like a loud whine especially in the morning
My air fuel sensor 1 heater system is malfunctioning
A couple of times in the last two weeks my car would only go slowly uphill and ran hot in heavy traffic. What could be the problem?