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Experiencing frequent loss of air pressure in the front tires of my car. What's causing it?
How do i get rid of my warning engine light on my dashboard
car making noise while engine start
2004 Honda Civic; the mechanic says he sees the begining of a tear in the boot of both lower ball joints, and wants to replace both boots, but not the joints. He sees no damage to the joints. Is it typical to just ...
what can happen if i wait until april to replace02 sensor
The check engine light is on but the vehicle is operating properly.
I have a 2004 Honda Civic with automatice transmission. When I get the car to about 30 mph, the engine loses power (Can't accelerate) and the engine knocks. What should I be lookin\g for to further diagnose the prob...
100k car ,which service i should do/
I have a 2004 Honda Civic EX with 160,000 miles. I need to replace the engine and radiator. Is it worth it, or should I buy a new car? Any rough ideas of what it would cost to replace engine/radiator?
poping and grinding go down road sometimes and while braking transmission pulls while in nuetral.
My son gassed up his 04 civic two nights ago and when he tried to start it, something happened that semi-blocked the key as he tried to turn it. Backed off, tried again and it started. Next time he tried to start the ...
HiI took my Honda Civic 2004 to a Honda dealer because the Emission light came on and was told I would have to buy a new throttle body P0122 and a new Primary Oxygen Sensor P0135 when they completed their diagnostic t...
can I just get a new cable to fix the power window or do I have to get a new or used one?
i need the diograme for the headgasket and how much i have to torqe them down
replacing the head gasket and to know the torque sequence or specifications for head bolts