the flicker is in a pattern of once every two seconds.and they do not do it all the time.

I am considering buying a used 2004 Honda Civic EX 2 door 4 cyl automatic. It has 77,000 miles so will need a timing belt soon. Since it is recommended to replace timing belt and water pump at the same time, can you give me an estimate on the cost for replacing the 2 together. I will figure this into the negotiating price for the car. Right now he's asking $6,500. Thanks for your assistance.

i just had the timing belt changed and before that never noticed any sound from my car. Now when I have the a/c on, there is this high pitched hum (for lack of better description) any ideas?

it sounds like a loud whine especially in the morning

i detached the connectors in the back because that's the only way to put those lights 'off', especially when i'm not using the car.
but, they're not really working as break lights because if i re-connect the lights, they're always 'on'. they're supposed to turn on only when i step on the 'breaks'.

shifter moves but not going into gear

Why the car vibrates and I feel it in the power steering when I drive the car over 60 miles an hour?

Also If one would need to replace it how extensive is the work? Would it be a simple parts swap or does it involve anything overly extensive?

the car runs at the right temp. the only thing i see wrong is that the coolant is going in to my radiator overflow tank and not going anywhere. After a long drive the coolant will spray out of the cap on the overflow tank. i also see that i have small bubbles when the cars warm and on but also after i turned the car off for about 5 mins. i have changed my radiator cap and the thermostat

how can I tell valves are bent

I have never seen the SRS light go on and stay on before now. My car is at 150,000 miles and it hasn't been in any accident that deployed the airbags. The car itself seems to be running just as smoothly but the SRS light remains on as long as the car is on.

My air fuel sensor 1 heater system is malfunctioning

A couple of times in the last two weeks my car would only go slowly uphill and ran hot in heavy traffic. What could be the problem?

Why is my car running hot in heavy traffic and slowing down going uphill sometimes? This has happened in the last week or so.

The air conditioner is not very cold. Blowers work fine but just doesn't get cold.