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honda civic 2004 we replaced the transmission it wont shift from 3rd to 4th with the new trans in it was thought that it needed a new trans is it somthing in the wiring electrical or computer please help
What is an ABS Brake System and how do I know if my car has one?
I have a loud rattling sound coming from underneath the engine. The car runs just fine
What should I expect to pay for parts to have the timing belt replaced along with the water pump, camshaft and any essentials that should be done at the same time? I have approx 108,700 miles on my car.
antitheft lights flashing
Need detail instructions for timing belt replacement including water pump,tensioner,crank pulley and seals for cam and pump.
Blew head gasket, coils melted inot spark plug tube, thermostat, possibly valve cover, ignition coils, radiator needs to be replaced. I severely overheated my vehicle by not stopping when the check engine light came ...
I've been told that 2 of the 4 transmission motor mounts on my 2004 Honda Civic LX need to be replaced. What should a repair like this run?
Car only makes squelling noise when it is very cold and on acceleration.
When driving on the freeway the temp gauge is normal but when I slow down or stop the gauge goes up to hot stay there for about 2 minutes and the heat stop working. I’ve change the thermostat twice but that did not so...
How do I remove headlight assembly to replace bulbs?
At start up my civic seems to be loud. What's causing the loud noise? It has 167,000 miles. Just recently my check engine light came on. Used a dianostic code reader. It read PO741. Any helpful info would help. Thank ...
I want to know when I should do a valve adjustment I have 204000 miles currently
How many miles should you replace the timing belt?