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Why the car vibrates and I feel it in the power steering when I drive the car over 60 miles an hour?
Also If one would need to replace it how extensive is the work? Would it be a simple parts swap or does it involve anything overly extensive?
the car runs at the right temp. the only thing i see wrong is that the coolant is going in to my radiator overflow tank and not going anywhere. After a long drive the coolant will spray out of the cap on the overflow ...
I have never seen the SRS light go on and stay on before now. My car is at 150,000 miles and it hasn't been in any accident that deployed the airbags. The car itself seems to be running just as smoothly but the SRS li...
My air fuel sensor 1 heater system is malfunctioning
A couple of times in the last two weeks my car would only go slowly uphill and ran hot in heavy traffic. What could be the problem?
Why is my car running hot in heavy traffic and slowing down going uphill sometimes? This has happened in the last week or so.
The air conditioner is not very cold. Blowers work fine but just doesn't get cold.
need front bumper replaced
when cold and putting in drive from reverse sometimes hesitate or stalls and idle really slow too
there's a loud rattle sound in the engine only when I have the car in drive. It's been there for months and not getting any worse
my wife came home and said the honda was running hot. If she was moving it cooled off some,but when she stoped it got hot. I could not find any leaks,and the levels are fine. The cooling fans are not coming on when th...
where is the water pump located on 2004 honda civic?
anybod do ou know what the code of po705 diag on a 2004 honda civic trans