my car got 4 nw tires in july and I had then rotated in September and then just went to rotate them again and the insides are completely bald please help

driving up to 35 mph then the car goes into overdirve and leaves me with no power and you can hear it struggle with a very slight belt noise like its slipping I had the timing bely done about 8 months ago with water pump and everything im confused my mechanic thinks im crazy also when goin from 45-50+ it goes into overdrive harder than normal please help me

Nose comes only when I push the clutch in.

It is running loudly and ldles roughly. I just got it done yesterday and the idling has smoothed out some but there is still a vibration at ldle at stop lights in drive. But when going down the road it sounds louder than it used to. It has a little over 107000 miles on it. I've had the service for the 100000 mile mark done previous to this (within the last few months).

We had a mechanic try to manually shut it off without success. The car runs fine.. no noises.. has approx 125,000 miles

It dies out while driving. Yet it started up fine then dies out before I can stick it into gear. Now when I try to start it, it makes a loud clanking noise. Not sure if it's the rods or bearings. Need HELP!

Oil level doesnt lower. I cant figure out where the oil is coming from. Oil plug and oil pan are clean and theres no oil spots on the cement where it is parked. And i dont think the transmission should be hot enough to burn oil which leads me to think i have a serious transmission problem but it drives normal. If you have any idea what could be above or near the transmission that could leak oil onto the transmission i would appteciate the help. Btw its deffinatly oil and not trans fluid.

it's not getting the gear signals from the transmission/shifter to the dashboard/car not letting me turn it on even by unlocking the shifter it still will show no signal on any other gear

Rear passenger window works fine when operated from that door. When operating same window from master control It roles down but not up. Used a tester on the switch at master control center and the switch seams to be fine. I can't seam to figure this out, Help please.

new coolant added as well can it be the heater core?

what kind of problems can occur when i do this? my bottle is so difficult to see the level

catalytic converter replacement cost

Vibration was really visible when the engine was cold, i can see whole car is vibrating including moonroof. Also rumbling noise at low speeds(20-30MPH) either accelerating or decelrating..Initially mechanic only found bad front motor mount and fixed it.However no change to vibration or noise. Seems like left(driver) mount is also new and I checked passenger side mount, it look OK to me(no tear).. What could be the issue with vibration / noise ?

So today I reversed and hit one of my rear lights, the plastic broke off but the bulbs are fine, around how much would it cost to replace it???

D15Y-motor: Civic 150i just a little more than 72 000 clocked, all gearbox oils checked (OK) - still rumbling noise. Could this be gearbox or distributor?