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How much should it cost to replace timing belt and Water Pump on my Honday LX Civic
I replaced the radiator and thermostat in a 2003 Civic and the radiator reservoir cap blows off when I drive it and coolant goes everywhere. Is there a solution?
The left front panel is damaged, but the head light is intact.
how do i change the coin box
The air bag light is on all the time. Was told it has something to do with the computer in the car and may need replacing, to the tune of over $500. Sound reasonable???
Anyone know where I g=can get one in tampa
This civic has a low idle and sometimes stalls at a stop sign or red light. At idle it seems to be around 2-500 rpm. Is there an idle adjustment screw on this model on the throttle body as in the 2001
Sudden problem with both master key and valet key. Neither will turn the car on. Problem with the ignition switch?
My speedometer just stopped working on my way home the other day. It was working fine in the morning but on my return trip I noticed the needle wasn't moving at all. It was completely dead. I tried to turn the engi...
I have an 2003 Civic, and when I brake to a complete stop my car shudders a little but doesnt cut off. I have 114,000 miles. Any ideas?
my 03 honda civic lx will only start when the engine is completly cool, no matter what length of time i have driven once i start it, it takes me appx 2-3 hours for it to start back up again.
using dealer programed spare transponder key, engine light comes on and car stalled when slow down at stop light. Key is cut a little off and sometimes not unlock the door. Not had problem before. Someone said could...