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Engine seized on the highway. Honda says high revs caused the piston rod the push out and into the oil pan. It was at the dealer 3 months ago when they fixed an oil leak.

2003 honda civic coupe
with 125,000 miles

transmission seems to be fill past the top mark on the dip stick

I just added some freon ...a week ago so now we know that is not the problem? ?? And it happens every time after we drive for about one hour ...then the air conditioner quits working and/or the heat quits working and then we just tear the blower's going nothing comes out of the vents anymore it was working just perfect before then we were getting real cold air out of the air conditioners or real warm air out of the heat and then it doesn't work anymore???

Just filled up on freon...very cold for the first hour then nothing but the blowers. ..same with the heating systems. ...?

coil 4 was misfiring. But when i swaped the coil with another cylinder, the coil was fine. every time i put a different coil in cyl. 4 it misfires. what could be the cause for the misfire other than the coil and spark plug. (All spark plugs are new)

It revs between 2nd and 3rd gear, sometimes 3rd and 4th as well depending on how fast I'm accelerating. I go easy on the gas, sometimes even taking my foot off the pedal completely to try and avoid it, but there's gotta be a solution. I've been told replacing my transmission fluid would do the trick?

I took in my car in January of this year to get the timing belt replaced. I originally got a quote from a local mechanic but ended up having a different problem in addition so I took it to the Honda dealership. They replaced the timing belt, water pump, drive belt and oil seals for $1300 total (WAY more than my local mechanic quoted). Less than 2 months later, my engine stopped and wouldn't start up again. I took it back to my local mechanic who guessed that the timing belt had jumped. I took it back to Honda so they could check their work, and they claimed that the timing belt did jump and needed replacing, but the issue was that the tensioner broke. They claim that they typically don't replace spring tensioners when they do a timing belt job for this kind of 4-cylinder engine so it's very unusual and not something they would normally replace. They also claim that Honda's owner manual doesn't recommend replacing the tensioners. My local mechanic said that tensioners are part of the timing belt kit and normally he would have replaced him. Now Honda wants me to pay $1000 for replacing the tensioner & timing belt even though I just paid $1300 for a new timing belt less than 2 months ago. Plus, the jumping of the belt may have caused additional damage to the engine that they haven't even diagnosed yet.

Who's right, Honda or my local mechanic? And do you think it's worth trying to fight Honda to get them to do the repair for free?

One day, I turned on my wipers to clean of the dirt on my windsheild, but mid cycle they stopped. I moved the lever up and down, didnt do anything. I got out to see in i can move them down, and i did. So now I can move them with my hands left and right. But when I move th elever inside I hear a wizzing noise, adn thats it. The wipers dont electronically move anymore. What could it be? '03 Civic EX 4dr with 107,xxx miles on it.