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every time i letgo of the throttle and my rpm drop its seems like my car shorts out doesnt turn off but radio turns off then turns back on
Car is burning oil.no oil in it today.....just put a quart in last Wed.had the oil changed. 2. 1 11. Should I have the short block replaced? Honda dealer mechanic says one of the pistons has a 15%leak.he is in the pro...
having trouble finding noise in front end going over slow bumps tried struts and strut mounts still there help
How lond does it take to rebuild 02 honda civic transmission including remove/replace
my 02 civic ex has spart but will not start even if i spray starter fluid in the throatal body, it has a half tank of gas but acts like it is out of gas, it hesatated for a moment then ran fine for a few seconds then ...
what is the cost of ball joint replacement
I'd been driving all day & all of sudden the car wouldnt go faster than 5-10mph no matter how hard i pressed the gas. I was able to put into reverse but it did not provide enough power to back up a small incline. Once...
squeaking in driver side wheel when braking louder when cold stops sometime when warms up
code p1361 car will have no power all of a sudden.Happens once in awhile.
It is my understanding that the use of a special machine is necessary to perform a brake fluid flush. I had the service done at the Dealer 2.5 years ago and I was charged $100 dollars. I called the same Dealer this we...
Air conditioning vent stopped working. Will not blow when air is off. Had blower motor replaced, still not working. Told it is an electrical problem. What is it exactly and how much will it cost?
I received an error code saying that A/T Gear position switch low input, does that mean I should replace the switch and about how much will it run me? Is it an important component? what does it do exactly?
Maintenance required light comes on when starting the car, then goes off.
What's a fair price to replace a heat resonator or heat guard?
I was told by me repair that I need to replace them.