My civic wornt start. i checked the timing 3 times. There is fuel pressure at the fuel rail. My c.o.p. are getting 12 volts.I have compression 110 psi. I just did the head gasket and now it cranks but wont start, doesnt even attempt to start. The check engine light will turn on when i put the key in and turn it to ignition. stays on for 20sec. then flashes 5 times and turns off. Once i turn the key to start the car it cranks but no start. When I turn the key back to ignition the check engine light is off and the battery light is on.

I've been scanning and uploading PDF files of my service records. For the first time today I needed to reference one and it seems it can only be viewed, there is no option to download or print.

Is this true or am I just missing something?


Heater on feet doesn't work (but upper and windshield do work). Car quit running while waiting at a stop light - started up ok, then acted as though it had emphysema. Dashboard light works in some places and not others (rather like a worn out string of Christmas tree lights where a good many are duds). The dashboard light not really working started last winter; the first check engine light 3 wks ago; the heater problem 2 wks ago; the rest of it yesterday.

after repair oil leak from valve cover, should this have been replaced when belt was replaced? also engine light still on, mechanic states my catalytic converter needs to be replaced. (no problem before the repair, why now?)

I have a standard civc. All of a sudden the car would shake slightly when i excellerate between 2nd and 3rd gear. It went away but it came back on a few times on my way home.

I have a problem starting only rarely. The engine always turns over so it is not the battery but once in a while the engine does not catch. When it does start, everything appears normal. Because each spark coil is directly over each spark plug, I cannot use my timing light. What is the most probable defect and how should I check?

car has 153,ooo miles. how much could this cost.

Hey guys,
Ive had this problem for a while, but my check engine light keeps turning itself on and off, and when it is on, it keeps saying cylinder 1 misfire.
We already replaced the coil-on-plug, the spark plugs, the headgasket, the timing belt, and the water pump, and the intake manifold gasket. When we replaced the head gasket, we had the head machined.
We also adjusted the valves.
Her mileage is fine.
Just within the past couple of days, she has hesitated more than normal before starting, and her idle seems rougher than normal now.

***ALSO, her radiator fans stopped working, and so did my AC, all in one day. They stopped working about a few weeks ago. We hard wired the radiator fans to a button inside the car so that I could turn them on manually.
The AC unit still is not working though, and we had recharged it a couple of weeks before it broke. ****

Does anyone have any ideas? We are lost... ANY advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance....

also pops when on a gravel road.

It starts to make noise when you go 20mph and goes away under that

transmission will not shift in first and 4th 4th drive light is on flashing

no found DTC

My car takes R134a and i was wondering will buying that from Autozone, etc do the trick?


I am looking at used civics and recently came across one that seemed to be in my price range given a couple of quirks, but the car was originally from Maine (where it spent 7 years) and their is rust on the undercarriage near the rear wheel wells. Is this a no-go?

I called Honda and was advised I needed to have my driver seat belt reinstalled. The cost was just under $500. A friend put WD40 in the seat hook up and the SRS indicator turned off. This was o.k. until I was rear ended and the SRS indicator came back on. Do I put more WD40 in the hook up or is this problem something on the hidden warranty list.