Engine light is on. Diagnosis= charcoal canister and the shut off valve vent need to be replaced as there is a leak. Priced at 439.00 USD for diagnostics, parts, and labor....what does this mean? Is this an important repair to make? Does it affect the car/performance at all? Help! I can do brakes but NO experience with were p1457 and p1298 but ELD was already switched out in the driveway at home, (so I hope it's good!)....

the coolant temp switch is working, however i had to bypass it for the fan to operate continually and then it will not stall. the MIL is not working. i got a P0135 but not voltage to the sensor

Air cools quickly, but then cooling drops out. On mild days, it comes and goes. On really hot days, it only gets cool again after the car is left off for a while - at least 30 minutes. No problem with fans, dealer says there is plenty of coolant and everything checks out, but they have not yet driven it to see the problem.

The fan it is not working at any speed nor I hear the compressor clutch engaging. I will check the fuses but I am thinking it is something more serious. There is not cool air or hot air. Defroster is not working either.

Drive is now located somewhere between neutral and drive,D1 and D2 do not light up on the dash at all now

I tried to open my hood for regular maintenance. The hood moved a bit, but no popping release sound nor the hood opening up. The handle end of the release mechanism seems fine, although there doesn't seem to be any spring tension to pull it back to the original, unextended position.

my inside pull latch to pop my hood on 2002 Honda civic broke how can I bypass or other

2002 Honda civics hood release knob inside car broke and I cannot open hood

it just pulls back and forth and is loose

The left rear window stopped working 3 months ago. Right rear window is now stuck open.
Neither driver push button controls or rear door window controls can open or close the rear door windows. is it a fuse?

Parts and Labor

Mines an 2002 Hx. Checked relays, fuses , wires, control switch.
The underdash multiplex unit in fusebox went bad and took the ac out, dome light, power door locks,etc. He took to shop and they replaced thermosensor on compressor. Did'nt fix it. But I did when I put the used fusebox in. Fixed all the problems. And now this. Shorted thermosensor will make fans run, but engaged ac clutch??? It's pointing towards the PCM I'm thinking

My civic wornt start. i checked the timing 3 times. There is fuel pressure at the fuel rail. My c.o.p. are getting 12 volts.I have compression 110 psi. I just did the head gasket and now it cranks but wont start, doesnt even attempt to start. The check engine light will turn on when i put the key in and turn it to ignition. stays on for 20sec. then flashes 5 times and turns off. Once i turn the key to start the car it cranks but no start. When I turn the key back to ignition the check engine light is off and the battery light is on.