2001 Honda Civic Recalls

Body, Interior & Misc.,January 22, 2002
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Honda is recalling certain sedan and coupe models for failing to comply with federal safety standards on seat belt assemblies. Certain rear seat belt buckles were improperly manufactured, which may cause the seat belts to be difficult to unfasten after a crash. Dealers will inspect and replace the seat belt assemblies free of charge.

Engine,October 25, 2001
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Honda recalled certain 2001-2002 Civic vehicles for a concern with the air cleaner box. During the assembly process, the air cleaner box cover could have been damaged, potentially sending plastic debris into the intake chamber. This may cause the throttle to stick in the partially open position, which can cause a loss of throttle control while driving. Dealers will inspect the air cleaner box for damage, remove any broken pieces found, and replace the air cleaner box lid.

Engine,June 29, 2001
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Honda recalled certain 2001 Civic vehicles for possible corrosion of the fuel pump wiring harness connector. Water may have been left inside the wiring connector during testing. Corrosion in the wiring connector could cause fuel pump failure, which can cause a vehicle to stall without warning. Dealers will inspect for corrosion at the fuel pump. If corrosion is found, the fuel pump will be replaced.

Engine,June 4, 2001
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Honda recalled certain 2001 Civic vehicles to inspect the hose clamps on the fuel filler neck for looseness. In a collision, the filler tube could disconnect from the fuel tank, causing fuel leakage and a fire hazard. Dealers will check the hose clamps for proper tightness and fasten them as necessary.