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the check enginge light is not on but the mant reqd lite is on - I faild spog once, right after replacing battery BUT for 5 years I have had check engine light on on my 2000 Toyota Corolla & have passed smog every yea...
Just replaced brakes on rear less than 2000 miles ago. When driving car in the morning(first time of the day), I notice a grinding coming from the rear when I apply the brakes. After about two or three stops grindi...
After replacing the IAC and ELD I sometimes still have RPM drops and then stalls. Not every stop anymore. I have a cold air intake. Throttle body was cleaned and air flow reset. What else can I do?
Car was running fine, suddenly no power, tachometer quits, temperature gauge quits, key indicator light starts flashing seems to go into default mode.
Car loses power in hot weather and will only go about 40 mph.
try to give it gas, no response, turn car off let it sit for 5 min. starts and runs fine. it's happened three times now in 1200 miles? what is causing this?
engine will idle once started. Fuel relay wants to click on and off while cranking and when the engine is reved from idle the relay will clitc off shutting off the fuel.
I'm looking for 140k mile service to check my 2001 civic's condition. I'd like to know what I should expect for the cost.
engine light on diagnosed clogged fuel vent module
Just started. Engine light came on and car began to lose speed. Camshaft moves excessively. Cylinder head needs to be replaced. How much should this cost?
When I took my 2001 4dDR EX Manual Drive Civic Honda in for its oil change they said I needed to have my compliance bushings done. It has approx 53,000 miles on it. I also had the transmission oil changed at that time...