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The bolt is stripped and the head snapped clean off. It rattles and can drive but I'm getting nervous about the belt snapping and then well... You know what I am at that point... Lol thanks for the help!! Btw 01 civ...
Heater always blows cold air
Sometimes the RPM pointer snaps to 4,000 while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Other times the response is so sluggish I can barely get 2,000 RPM's. If I try to shift to fast the engine races. I should have 3,000 RP...
smells all the time no visible gas leaks should I change the canister or ? problem for months is there a recall
I was told they are vacuumed sealed and I have never heard of this and want to fix it myself, Can I do it and not run into problems? Thanks .
Need to know where OBD port gets ign. signal. Direct or through PCM or ECU..etc
My front brakes are staying braked. I wanted to know if it was the master cylinder or something wrong with the calipers? I can drive a few miles and then the car feels like it is slowing down on its own. I noticed ...
temperature guage goes down and when it is down car take more RPM to shift gear
When I drive my car on Highway up to 70 km/hour It vibrates crazily. It is better when I drive up to 90km/hour. Please give me an advice because I just bought this used car I quite nervous to drive it again on highwa...
We are leaking power steering fluid inside the cab behind the firewall.