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304,P1399. It has new plugs, distributor,wires the check engine light is on. Has a new fuel filter. How can it be fixed?
I have a 2000 Honda EX 4 door AT with 230000 miles it stalls if it doesn't get over 35 mph quick enough. I have to pretty much floor the car just so that it doesn't stall. Once I put it in park it starts right back ...
I recently had a transmission fluid flush done and am still having difficulty shifting into reverse or first when I first start my car. The gears make loud grinding noises. Once I get it into gear, I have little to ...
I have a honda civic 2000 lx. The engine light came on right after filling gas "full tank". I also added a bottle of redline fuel injector cleaner before filling the tank. The engine light came on right after i left t...
I am having a head gasket fixed and the mechanic said if the head is cracked it will cost an additional 1400. I want to know how much a head actually cost?
is there a different switch location for the manual and automatic?
I just had my timing replaced and ive done everything to my spark plugs, wires, rotor, everything. There is oil on the fork tip and it cranks but wont turn over. I know its a timing issue.
I have an Acura EL year 2000. It recently ran out of gas and was parked for a couple of weeks. I put 6 bucks gas in it to get it to the gas station and then filled it up. On the way back home it stalled as I dec...
I drive 5 miles on gravel road, and dust is coming in the car. I've looked all over to see where it's coming in. I give up!
accelerator pedal is steep and the acceleration is very poor. pls advise me on how to handle.
Starting up is fine but when I'm driving sometimes it feels extremely heavy have to push down on the gas petal for it to actually go over 20 mph and shift the second gear and others. I went to auto zone the diagnostic...
Goes up and down.
its like it aint in gear but it is plus i have used redex on it but seems to ave made it worse