i have after market headers with one o2 sensor and im putting back the stock one which it got two o2 sensors so how do I know which one goes before the cat and which one goes after the cat they both look similar? thanks

Air conditioner started blowing cool air instead of cold.
Had it checked and the mechanic said that every thing was ok and that it is probably the computer.(or maybe a loose wire). He said that a referb. computer would be around $800. The freon and compressor were fine. Any ideas?

the fan in my 1999 honda civic comes on and off which cause the car to over heat i have check the relays and fuse change the thermustate help i have only had

im trying to diegnose a problam from half way around the word, my wifes 99 civic dx i think, is jerking as if it is down shifting, could this be the transmission control solenoid?

Are there any pictures of what it looks like on the engine?

the handle for the hood release snapped off. How much to replace?

need to replace ac belt is there a diagram i can look at

where is the location of pvc valve

whenever i drive from 60-80 mph the wheel starts to shake a lot what could be the problem?

windoww wont go up or down crank just turns

should i just have the engine replaced?

shock absorber replacment

when i try to start the car, it seems to take a few seconds for the engine to ignight. also, when i am stopped at a light, the car seems to do a sort of jerk, almost like it is accelerating.

how do i get my brake pedal to push down like normal?

The boot on my rack and pinion is ripped. Do i need to change the whole assembly or can the boot just be changed.