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I had my timing belt, crack seal gasket and oil pan gasket replaced in December my oil has leaked out and when i took car back they tell me my oil pump is cracked. I saw the crack, but my questions is this a normal t...
I went to auto zone and checker and they would not sell me just the exhaust manifold. They bundled it in with the catalytic converter as well. Is there a reason for this? should I replace both?
What this code is and how do I fix it.
I need to pass emissions in about a week so my fines can get dismissed, please help.
still wont start,and still clicks just not as loud.diagnostic shows link error when i no it is plugged in properly.
OBD reading not ready
The pipe that runs from catalytic convertor to the muffler is cracked and needs replacement. I was quoted from my usual mechanic $318.66 ($224.00 for the Intermediate pipe) + gaskets, belt kit and then $52.00 for lab...
Idol usually at 1 also car is now sticking in park do to high rpm and now the car will do it even with ac off.
I have a 98 civic with d16y8 engine. The ticking noise is definitely coming from under the valve cover. I have put a new timing belt on it and set #1 cylinder to tdc. After that I went ahead and did the valve lash cle...
\recently replaced the engine as well as distributor and have no power. Drove the car 2 days and stopped starting. Checked all ground and fuses and all is good!!! Please help me....don't want to think I changed eng...