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The clutch has been described as "having too much play," but I actually prefer how easy it is to go from one gear to another.
For example you put the key in the ignition then you turn the key to the position just before the start position and all the dash lights are suppose to light up for a second.The engine light comes on and blinks once....
Temp gage goes way up and radiator reserve overflows or all reserve coolant is sucked back into the radiator. It's not the head gasket because oil does not look like chocolate milk! I have a new radiator, hoses, r...
The window goes down but needs assistance to go back up.
I've changed fuel pump fuel filter main relay and did over all tune up
I've done an overall tune up changed fuel filter,fuel pump,and main relay
air I've changed fuel pump, fuel filter ,main relay and also did an overall tune up
If I wait a little while it eventually will turn over
My 96 Civic has always started cold even after sitting for days in -30c weather. After it has warmed up it sometimes won't start for a few hours if I shut it off. If I let it idle it sometimes will perform poorly. It ...
How do I remove the ignition lock cylinder on a 96 honda civic. I removed the tamper proof torx but can't seem to get it out.
when i turn my ac on only the condenser fan turns on if i put a piece of wire in the fuses box like to replace the relay then it works
1996 Civic rear electric window went out. then front driver side went out and the rear passenger out. i asked a Mechanic to look at the driver only and said it was a switch and replaced. now says it is the motor. ...
After 3-5 min when car is warmed-up..it starts a regular up & down on RPMs, not many maybe 500-800 increase then back to idle..no fault codes that would explain it, one o2 sensor,but it did it before that fault came u...