a constant drip on the driveway. . not oil

1996 Civic rear electric window went out. then front driver side went out and the rear passenger out. i asked a Mechanic to look at the driver only and said it was a switch and replaced. now says it is the motor. is there a master switch that drives all windows that should be looked at?

I have a 1996 Honda Civic ex, bought just a few mths ago. Check engine light came on, took it to get tested and was told it was the cat. converter. Took it to a friend of mine that said no, if it were it would do thisnthat... check engine light goes on and off and the car still putt putts. I took it to a mechanic who said it was the wires, he turned the light off and told me to change the wires, after 3 sets of wires, (I now have the "honda ngk" wires on)it still does the same thing, but worse. I took it back to the mechanic who ran some test and said the converter effieciency code comes on (different from the converter itself?) and the MAP sensor, he stated after more test they determined it was definetly the MAP sensor, so they changed that, I picked up the car and wouldnt you know, it still did it. I took it back and they asked that i take the mechanic for a ride (it didnt do this for them) so I did, and it still did it, but he said he felt it was the fuel filter. They changed this, and now my car is worse than before. So I took it back and they suggested i leave the car there for a few days. I did, they stated they cleaned the whole fuel system injectors, etc... but they noe believe it is the timing belt, it may need a new one or just be off.... I went to pick the car up and decided I would have a 2nd opinion....(no disrespect to this mechanic, but I am taking it to a Honda expert)I dont have money to keep putting in possibilities..... I am taking it to another mechanic today, but was wondering if someone could atleast tell me what questions to ask or what signs to look for when I talk to them? I have no idea what it could be..... when I am stopped and in 1st gear, it doesnt want to go, it literally putt putt...then outta no where it will zoom off.... if I am going 60 in 5th gear, it will go, but you can feel like a hesitation, but the car never shuts off. I know nobody can really determine what is wrong with a car w/o driving it, but I dont have a lot of money to put into this for guess work..... please help! I should also add, that if I am in 1st and getting ready to go, if I have my clutch down a little (not all the way) and push my gas, the car usually will go w/o hesitating.... dont know if that means anything or not.

well every time i turn on the a/c this really high pitch squeal starts to happen. sometimes when i am not in gear or holding the clutch in I will be able to turn on, but for the most part i just can't get it to work. I even replaced the a/c completely and made sure the coolant amounts were correct. But still no luck what so ever.

I had just replaced a set of bearings on a Honda no more then three weeks ago. It seemed also he needed a front end alignement because the steering wheel shook at higher speeds. I person is back now with the same problem. Could it be the CV joints?

I bought a 1996 Honda civic ex about 3 mths ago, ran into some problems, check engine light came on, took it to get checked and they said it was the catalytic converter. Aked a friend who said it was high grade gas i ran, need to change the spark plugs and run cheaper gas. this did the trick for a short time, then the check engine light came on again and i took it to a mechanic who said i need to run high grade gas and change my wires. did this and it was ok for 1-2 days, then the car started putt putting (literally). Took back to mechanic who said it was the wires, i got more expensive wires and the car ran great for 1 wk or so, then started again, i was told it was the wires, i needed to buy NGK wires for a Honda. I did this and now my car is worse than before. We checked the plugs and wires, could it be catalytic converter? everytime the plugs/wires are dealt with the car will run better, then goes right back to the way it was before...

check engine light remains on after major oil leak repairments? What could have happened? Computer scan came clear.

how we i fix a transmission pad gasket and drain plug, the whole thing

I need to replace the center pipe, gaskets, and spring bolts for my 1996 Honda Civic DX. What the lowest cost I can expect to pay for this? Thanks.

Is the sensor after the cat. convertor more expensive than the one before the cat. converter. Thank you very much. My check engine light is on after having exhaust pipe replaced and was told oxygen sensor is not working but they didn't tell me which one. I found out later there are two.

My 1996 Honda Civic EX, when it's turn on most of the times has a high acceleration. what I can do?

Why won't my speedometer work on my honda civic 1996.
The check engine light does not turn on.

Replaced the clutch no more than 5 months ago and now it is only catching 3, 5 and reverse.... what can cause this problem? Do I have to replace the clutch again?

I have a standard 1.4i engine in my civic i wish to change it to a 1.5 vtec is it a matter of changing the engine, ecu, and engine loom or is there more too it.

I have a 5 speed manual transmission and when I put the car into 2nd and 3rd gear I step on the accelerator and I can hear the engine revving but it takes a good 2-3 seconds to start going. And forget flooring the accelerator in any gear because it revs the engine but the car does not move. Anyone have any thoughts?