my engine light is on is po420 or po171

how could oil get into the water resevoir,what could of caused it.

engine hard to start. engine cranks over, when it feels that the engine is about to catch the engine feels like it is "jumping", after a while the engines catches and runs, sometimes it dies after about three to four minutes and sometimes it stays on. Sometimes when the engine is hot, it starts right away. I adjusted the timing, replaced a bad distributor, spark plugs, a shorted intake air temp sensor, and a clogged fuel filter. I visually check that there is fuel getting into the fuel rail filter.

a glass moving mechanism on a door stoped working

My car has always had trouble with the windows, they got stuck half-way frequently, I had it repaired at least 3 times. Now for the last few months, they do not move at all any more, except when I open the driver door all the way.
Any suggestions

my car is a honda civic 1996. the car kept shutting off at every stop sign or stop i made. the oil was low, so i added 2 qts. it started again but only made it down the road before killing at the next stop sign. we road a little further then it wouldnt accelerate over 40 mph and was making a clanking sound. the thermostat then shot up to hot and the car killed. one of the battery cables is loose, but i dont think it could cause all of these problems. whats wrong with it and how do i fix it??

I have a 1996 honda civic. It just quit while I was driving the other night. I had someone look at it. He told me that I ran it completely out of oil and that I would need a new engine now. But I haven't even put 3000 miles on it since my last oil change. I want to know why it would burn so much oil and if it is even worth putting another engine in it.

My Honda is a 1.6L and has been a pretty good car until here recently. I was pulling out onto a highway and the engine kinda bogged down a little, i pumped the gas pedal and it eventually took off with no problem. I was then drivng down the road about 15 minutes later and the engine bogged down again, cut off and i coasted to the side of the road. Now the car will start when you disconnect the air filter tube from the throttle body and cup you hand over the inlet just right....sounds wierd i know but it does help it start. After it starts it idles fine...no miss or jerk but when you push the gas pedal down about halfway it loses all throttle response and just dies. If i apply the gas real slowly you can rev it up as high as you want, but if you push the pedal down fast it dies. We have replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump. We belive it might be the throttle position sensor. If you have ANY advice please help thanks Phillip

How much does it cost to replace ac expansion device and where is it located in car.

The Rear tire have repeatedly wear out prematurly. Have had them replace several times. Fronts last 2-3 time longer. Strange for a front wheel drive car.

How much can cost to replace the rusted brake lines on Civic DX '96?

Is there a fix for a clutch that chatters on cool, damp mornings? It goes away after the car warms up.

The air conditioning doesnt work. it only blows hot air. i took it to a shop to put freon in it and within ten minutes the air was hot again. There must be a leak

I bought a 1996 Honda civic a few months back and the car ran really good until I put high octane gas in, not saying that is the problem, but every since then I have run into nothing but problems. I have changed the plugs & wires, took it to a mechanic to get the check engine light to go off (the code was the catalytic converter), was told it was the plugs, put new plugs in, the check engine light would go on & off, so I took back to the same mechanic, who said it was the MAP sensor. He stated that 2 codes came up, the sensor & cat. efficiency. Well, that didnt work , so he changed the fuel filter, that didnt work, he wanted to readjust the timing belt, so I took it to another mechanic who specializes in Hondas, but he stated there was too much work done, i needed to take it back to the original mechanic. I took back to him and said to readjust the timing belt, but if that isnt the case, i am not paying!! Well, it didnt work, and I didnt pay, so now, I took it to the Honda dealer, who says they can diagnose it (of course charge out the wazu), wouldnt you know, it gets there and they can't diagnose w/o the check engine light on, which minds you hasnt come back on in about 1 month........ even though the car wouldnt crank for them and they had to push start it, they cant figure this out! Please help,I have exhausted every opportunity I know and nobody can figure this car out? For real? The car runs OK until the motor warms up and then it literally putt putts down the road. if you stop at a stop sign, it takes forever to get it to go, like it isnt getting gas, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, it takes off. I was told 100 different things it could be, from the cat. converter, to the oxygen sensor, to fuel pump, and the o rings on the injectors...... I was even told the car was a pc of junk and to trash it!!!!

how do i disassemble to replace the wiper switch on the column of the car to replace it?