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1996 honda civic lx 4 door

expansion valve replaced..still no cold air..was else can i check for?

If I wait a little while it eventually will turn over

a/c compressor magnetic clutch

my honda has been overheating especially when i come to a stop. it has coolant and oil . need to know wha other things can be causing this. im thinking maybe a sensor or thermostat. so get at me and help me out if you can

My Honda CRA jerks when changing gears. Esch time I slow down and then accelarating, it jerks badly.

my air conditioner blows only on the outside two vents unless i put it on defrost. Then it blows out of the center two vents and not the side two. Please help

Hello to anyone...

I have a 96 civic ex with this annoying check engine light that i cant seem to go away. The code is P0303 #3 engine missfire. I have changed the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, distributor, and recently replaced the head and re did the timing and now i am kind of confused as to what i can be next. if someone could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.


happens most of the time when shifting from park to reverse or reverse to park. Yesterday had to use both hands to put in park.

woothe cars acceleration goes up and down dont know what it is

I have a D16 1.6 non vtec and I have replaced the feul pump checked the relay for it and replaced the Distributer (coil built in) Checked the timing belt and feul filter, I can't figure out what is wrong with my car please help.

My 96 civic's dome light will not work with doors. Comes on fine with switch. The door switch turns off the buzzer, when ignition key is in. Any ideas

I have to check the oil in my car about every 2weeks because by then its completely out of oil. The oil light doesnt come on, and it barely began to smoke a little bit for example while entering freeway. its not leaking the oil, dont know why it burns it so fast.

Squeaky noise started when I ran over a pothole

My 96 Civic has always started cold even after sitting for days in -30c weather. After it has warmed up it sometimes won't start for a few hours if I shut it off. If I let it idle it sometimes will perform poorly. It will still accelerate fine but there is a hitch when I push or release the pedal and if I try to hold the throttle open at any position it will hiccup badly. When this happens I can still rev the engine just not cruise and I have to drive like my mom. The car has never stalled while I've had it and will always idle fine.