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no stop light and no tail lights
I just had both front axles replaced,along with both upper control arms, bushings, and ball joints included. Also I had both front tires replased with the old rear and new tires put on the rear, along with the alignme...
I have a fuel leak in the middle of the car. It looks like I need to remove a plastic shield to expose the fuel line.
when engine is cold, it runs perfectly fine, but once it warms up the engine sputters and likes to cut off.
D4dash light blinks, rough going into reverse and rough take off, seems hard finding gears
My civic has been making whistling noises near the belts, or directly under them. I'm not sure which belt it is, or if it could be something else. Has anyone had experience with this?
the a.c. in my 96 honda civic has stopped working, it doesn't even make a sound when i switch it on, the a.c. light does go on but that's all. yesterday it made this soft sputtering noise and that was it. i'm pretty ...
car wont go into any gear shifter moves thru all gears on shifter but nothing happens car will go into gear only when trans is cold but for only for about a few minutes could thid be a linear soleniod prob car has ...
Who shoud I take it to for electric window R/R, a mechanic or bodyshop?
The window goes down but needs assistance to go back up.
I've changed fuel pump fuel filter main relay and did over all tune up
I've done an overall tune up changed fuel filter,fuel pump,and main relay
air I've changed fuel pump, fuel filter ,main relay and also did an overall tune up
My civic is a CX. I was told that because it's a CX model they cound not replace just the catalytic conveter alone. the whole system would need to be replaced. the estimate was $1260. comment please BBarbb.