Is there anything I can do or does it have to go into the shop?

power windows will not go down or up.

There is no sign of a leak. What could be wrong?

I'm a single mother looking to buy a used car for my 18 year old son he want a Honda sick shift. since I'm a girl some men will take advantage do to that a lot of girls don't know about cars. So my question is what are red flags not to buy a car? What kind of questions do i ask?

The clutch has been described as "having too much play," but I actually prefer how easy it is to go from one gear to another.

I have owned my car for 7 1/2 years. I have replaced the axles 4 times since. I am a cautious driver. not hard on my car. I maintain it. Avoid pot holes. stumped as to what could be causing the axles to keep breaking

For example you put the key in the ignition then you turn the key to the position just before the start position and all the dash lights are suppose to light up for a second.The engine light comes on and blinks once.In the run position no engine light is lit.Thank you in advance for your answers.

Temp gage goes way up and radiator reserve overflows or all reserve coolant is sucked back into the radiator. It's not the head gasket because oil does not look like chocolate milk!

I have a new radiator, hoses, radiator cap, water pump, timing chain, fan switch, thermostat, fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs & wires.

my civic blows hot air on driver side and cold air on passenger side

I have a 96 honda hatchback ..My running lights wont work and the lightbulbs are fine .but everytime I change the fuse it blows right away any suggestions on how to diagnose the problem so I can drive at night again

my ratiator blow out a week ago i replace it i drive it for like week then one morning i try to drive it i back up good burt i put it on drive and it wont get the gears i need some help to found out if its a small job or i got to replace this transmision?