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The light is still on and my drivers side headlight is brighter the passenger anyone have any suggestions please and thank you
when i on my aircon in a few minutes the engine will stop?
when i own my aircon,in a few minutes the engine will stop
I also hear a squeaking sound coming either the water pump or the a/c compressor.
ever since my hood flew up on the freeway and slammed hard on thw window for some reason my windows are not rolling down or working at all. i checked relays and fuses and they seem to be good. i just dont know what to do
the engine will start normally but will begin lose rev as i push the gas pedal down and eventually cuts off
what should my curb height be on my car
my 95 civic ex redline at 6000rpm which it is to redline at 7200 rpm i tryed swicthing it with a friend but it still does the same
my car turns off when driving for a while but when it does i let it stay there for about twenty min. and then it turns back on and all over again.
None of my gauges are working (fuel, tach, speedo)I need to know if there is a relay, fuse, or something that stops those gauges from working?