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My 1994 Auto Honda Civic EX Works Fine Starts Up Sounds Normal Just Got A New Engine Control Module...! Now it wont go into gear without using (-the key to unlock gear shift) no clue why everyone says i can drive it ...
I replaced the distributor and it failed again.
wont run,fuel pump works in crank mode,wil not run if not in crank mode,changed fuel pump relay
It has started doing this about 2 weeks ago. Also I was told my front axle needs repairing but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it? Please help. Thank you.
When i drive the car it feels like it is cutting back like it is not getting enough power. Got a new muffler on, changed converter, new plugs, and new fuel filter. Also i cant barely go up hills when driving. What cou...
i had my air conditioner replaced last summer. worked perfectly, now no cold air this year. could the freezing temperatures done damage?
had a blown head gasket replaced gasket but it runs real bad and it carboned up the plugs real bad put new plugs in it carboned them up right away ,it has new wires ,plugs rotor ,cap and new coil in it thnx
My ac clutch is not engaging, have checked all the wires and fuses running to it but the relay is not putting out power there is power going to the relay but not out. Put a diferrant relay on and still wont engage the...
they told me it was my through out barring but had a new clucht the whole part put in and still makes noise
My Dashboard will not light up