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Replaced fuel pump and still won't start unless we add starting fluid help
Anything besides oil pan, exhaust pipe, and oil pump need to be removed?
had sparkplugs changed 1 yr ago. will sometimes when driving an then turn off have prblems starting bt if u let sit it would start. has been doing this awhile now
When I start my car the engine is surging. And the Motor burns through 2 quarts of oil in about 100 miles. Please help me solve this issue.
i am wondering if anyone can answer this question... my car was recently stolen and recovered. there's no sign of ignition damage, but whenever i turn my car on but not to start it, i have no power throuh out the car...
My civic leaks cold water onto the passanger floor board, i believe this is the blower motor drain tube clogged, but where is it and how do I unclog it?
i replaced the ignition switch with one from a 1995 civicand now the key wont turn but the wheel isnt locked in place1my question is am i supposed to have it in a cert5ain position before i install it?