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Towed car home, removed all old parts, purchased new parts. How do I set up the cam gear to be in time with crank pulley timing. Car was running 65mph on highway when belt broke. heard no banging noises when belt broke.
I jus bought a 1991 hatchback and it was running and driving great then suddenly without a sign the tranny gave out. Now there is a lot of problems with anything to do with the drive train. I know some people with dif...
1991 Honda Civic Question: Have a friend with a Honda civic (1.5 L) , manual with the following problem: After engine warms up, while in neutral, idle speed bogs down then jumps back to normal but no power is lost on ...
My wipers just quit working also at night my dashboard light don't work either
It started to be very hard to shift it to reverse position and very easy on other positions like forward. Now the lever is stuck at reverse and won't be shifted to "D" (forward). Can you please help me?
The rear window defogger fails to operate. The dash light comes on with other dash lights but the indicator lamp in the switch does not come on when depressed. I have replaced fuse (10A) under dash. The connectors to ...
How do you squeeze the alternator out from behind the engine? I've removed the bolts and wires but can't figure out how to get it out from behind the engine. I've got air conditioning so its in the back of the engine.
Car wouldnt always start wait 10 min it starts. Driving at 45 mph car shut off, no hesitation no missing. Has no spark, changed cap rotor, plugs, nuthin doin. Thank you. John
My passenger side brake light doesn't come on when I put the car in reverse to back up into a parking spot, I was told to replace the entire brake lamp cover, the bulbs have been replaced and continue to go out!