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i have a accord 2010 i turn car on the srs light stays on and does not blink at all i but code reader it says there are no codes i disconected the passngerseat to see if the passnger light turnson so i belive that is ...
And now it won't start it turns over like it want to and all but it won't start the gas light was on at the time so I tried putting a little gas in but still nothing. And also I have a key with a chip and its broke do...
My Honda is only driven about 4000 miles/year. I have had is three years and no service codes have shown up. I change the oil/filter annually per the owners manual. Will I ever see any of the service codes such as B-1...
Is there a warning sign on dash board to let me know?
I keep looking at the different brands and they all carry the SN service level but some say synthetic, synthetic blend, full synthetic or conventional. What's best for my Honda?
all of a sudden, a periodic beep sounds inside the car when i go from a stopped position to accelerate. one beep. no warning lights of any kind on dash. What could it be?