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Had to replace my car battery. Now my radio/cd player is not working. The display says I need to enter a code. Looked it up in the handbook and the book says the radio will reset itself in a few days but its been over...
How much the estimated cost to fix it, and if it can be fixed by myself. Thanks
AC is blowing cool air through the driver side vents however hot air through passenger side vents. Any ideas?
When I try per the manuel it never resets, only goes back to the F, that it displays.
2010 honda accord transmission shifts fine under light throttle but when taking off hard acceleration wont shift and input speed sensor shows rpm but not mph on input when under hard acceleration (main shaft sensor)
The lumbar support on the driver side power seat stopped working. I checked the fuse to the lumbar power and it was NOT blown. The Dealer said the switch had stuck and had burned out the lumbar motor. How is it that, ...
I can't seem to find any of the typical headlight aiming screws on my Accord. How do I aim the headlights?
It would be a nice convienance to be reminded when a service is due by time as well as mileage.
I'm aware of the transmission control module reprogramming recall. When I got my notification for that recall there was also a notice of "Product Update: Software Update to Improve Fuel Injector and VTC Timing" that w...
My 2010 Accord has 225/50 17 tires. Those low profile tires ride hard. According to a tire chart my tires are 26" in diameter. A 215/55 17 is 26.2" in dia. Would the down size to get a higher profile for ride quality ...