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knocking noise when running 30 mph
What is this, what might be going on with the car, and how much might I cost to get it fixed?
When I turn or hit some slight bumps while driving, I'm hearing a clicking noise close to the instrument panel on driver side. Similar to a relay click. It seems to be coming from the plastic molding that connects t...
This problem started this last night.
This only happens in reverse. I have a 2009 accord and I am approaching 30K.
This is an ex-l version with a navi package. Just started to happen. Dome light switch has two positions. One for setting to go on when door is opened and the other to keep it off at all times. Light does not go off i...
were is the fuse for the light in the trunk located?
honda accord 2009 stock radio what interior pieces have to be remove to get at radio antenna connection.i adding hd radio splice in antenna adpter for hd.