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I took my car into Firestone. One of the recommendations that they came back with for my car is a fuel system cleaning. Its about an $89 service. Honestly I'm not exactly sure what they do for this service. Its something about "chemically cleaning the fuel injection system." They claimed that the throttling was a little sluggish in my car. I haven't noticed any difference although I don't really pay that much attention and can't really tell that my car was sluggish. Is this cleaning worth it? I guess a cleaning is a cleaning and it won't hurt. Its just one of those things that you really wonder if its a complete rip off or not because you'll probably never notice a difference.

For years now every so often when I try to start my car after its been sitting for a number of hours, I turn the key, all the electrical systems seem to come on (i.e. gauges and dashboard lights turn on) but the car simply refuses to turn over and there is no sound from the engine. As soon as I turn the key back to off, then turn the key to try to start it again, the car starts normally with no issue. At one point last year my car wouldn't start at all, but it would click when I turned the key. I took it to the dealer and they said I needed a new starter (which was ridiculous for the 65K miles on my car at the time). The car now starts and everything was fine for a few weeks. Then the behavior that I described above started to happen again. I have no idea what to do as of course when I try to take it in the repair shop says they can't find anything or reproduce the issue.

Bank 1 sensor 2 please help

When I changed it last I put full synthetic oil in it. I was wondering if how many miles can I drive it before messing it up? Sounds crazy, why not just go and get an oil change, but don't get paid for couple more days, so thats why.

I have a good battery and it has power (12.6 volts) No electrical power, no lights, no horn, nuttin! I have power to the fuse box under the hood. I have checked the fuses. Is there any other single point of failure between the fuse box under the hood and the firewall?

problem occurs during hot weather months and after using the air conditioner

It seems to revv strong enough but no resultant drive power unless you kick-down. Doing this only makes me drive hard and of course, burn more fuel to do very little work.

Sounds like it might if it were short on power steering fluid. Sound fluctuates when turning the steering wheel. Initially was present on cold mornings but now on most days when car is started, and appears to be lasting longer.

I had the rear engine mount replaced as the car was making noise in revere gear. But it now is making worse noises in reverse and brakes both. THe mechanic said it will take time to settle the new mount.
How much time does it take? Should I check it with some other shop? It has become worse than before.

About 10 days after Honda dealer replaced my spark plugs, I tried to get a smog check for registration renewal. I had drive more than 50 miles at varying speeds up to 65. I have had two smog checks rejected because some test parameters (OBD catalyst and OBD evap) show not completed.

Today my engine light came on and towards the end of my commute (45 miles) the car started bucking upon acceleration (twice it happened). Is it a timing belt issue, faulty spark plug?


I was told at the Honda Dealership that my positive battery cable was corroded and was quoted at $630 to replace the entire thing. I'm not even having any issues with the battery or starting the car. Seems outrageous to me since the car is fairly new (2007 and covered under warranty). Another repair shop said he'd replace the end for much less. Any advice

how much to replace the timing belt on a honda accord labor and material

My accord is the best car i have ever owned (i have driven over 500000 has 93000 miles...carefully maintained..but driven over deteriorated new york city streets...

slight, annoying, metal on metal noise on rough streets...can it be struts? what is normal life of struts on this car?.