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I have a 2005 Honda Accord. Engine light, break light, all my lights are on on my dashboard, my radio doesn't work, when I try to crank my car it won't turn over like it's not getting gas up top. What shall I do?
I took my 2005 Accord to a Honda dealership because it was vibrating (it would start at about 20-25 mph then it would stop at higher speeds). They said that I needed to have both front axles replaced. I chose to have ...
What could be the problem.I was told it was a brain box problem. could it be true becos it happened b4 and was corrected
they took the fuse that worked attached it to the other three and they went down.
shifting hard after transmission fluid flush
Past month noticed an oil leak, have been adding oil, no oil light indicating low or no oil. Yesterday car started but shook violently, was too afraid to drive it. Today car will not start - turn ignition and lights ...
My check engine light was on last week i had it read at autozone but computer is saying unable to retrieve code. I've continued driving it and yesterday I parked and when I get bk in to leave it won't start. Turn the...
Bought a can of r134a and the pressure was at 100psi. I know that is too much but how do I fix it and why would it be so high?