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I had to diconnect the battery, but whe I reconnected the radio wouldn't work. What can I do and how much will it cost?
Why does my 2005 honda accord over heat after driving 2-5 miles I have checked the fluids no leaks the expanding tank is full of antifreeze also after I drove it I touched both radiator hoses and they are hot couple o...
over heat during free way drive
during driving in the free way it over heat on and off but lately it almost reach the red
how do i change the engine air filter on a 2005 honda accord lx. it is a four cyclinder
the problem started yesterday. i went to auto zone for a diognostic and was told that i was havin problems with my crank sensor. i need to know where and how to replace this sensor.
So I had the master lock on, on my windows so the kids wouldn't play with the windows and now I unlocked it and now all 3 windows except the drivers side won't go down. I can hear all of them clicking when I try to o...
Hi, I have a 2005 honda accord v6 done 70000 miles.I have done wheel alignment,wheel balancing(front) and the tyres are in good shape. Sometimes when i make a turn and the steering wheel comes back to the normal posi...
I have 98,000 miles on my car. Do I need to get a neew timing belt put in?
2005 Accord LX Manual trans....Air conditioner blows hard out of all 4 vents but ony 2 on passenger side are cold and driver side remains warm/humid until driving approx 25 minutes. Does not have dual air control. Wha...
My 05 Accord LX suddenly has NO electrical power of any kind, it was perfectly fine, and with no warning died. Also, when I do jump start it, it seems to run fine, but then the A/C and other electrical components seem...
i have rims and i wanted to know if 20" rims is ok
My mirror broke and i need to replace the glass.
Hello How do I change the license plate light bulb for my 2005 accord coupe? I would like to change the stock lights for some L.E.Ds!!!
i have honda accord everything is working good except AC there is not power the compressor whan i gave the power the compressor working it works good