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A faulty Electric Load Detector (ELD) can cause the head lights to dim and/or illuminate the Check Engine Light. A failed ELD will require replacement.

Excessive oil consumption can cause a low oil level condition, which can result in illumination of the Check Engine Light.

A poor electrical ground can cause the dome light not to work.

The car may drift to the right because the camber (alignment setting) is set unevenly. A 4-wheel alignment will be needed to reset the camber angle.

The PCM can misinterpret misfire data and set a false Check Engine (MIL) light requiring a PCM update to repair.

Front compliance (lower control arm ) bushings tend to crack and break requiring replacement.

On certain models, a transmission solenoid can short-circuit and illuminate the Check Engine Light.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can misinterpret data from the coolant temperature sensor and set a false Check Engine (MIL) light. The PCM will need a software update for this issue.

The computer can misinterpret a low battery voltage and can cause a false Check Engine (MIL) light to come on. Updating the PCM can correct this issue.

Honda issued a recall on some 2005 Accord models due to a defective fuel pump relay. If the fuel pump relay fails, the car will stall or fail to start. For more information on this recall please click here»

I had my wheel bearings replaced at Honda dealer right before it warranty deadline at 35870 miles.
It went noisy, and both were replaced at 36K by a dealer under warranty.
Just wanted to express disappointment with the car at such low mile marker.
Got it done for free just a hundred miles before the end of the warranty.
I have no solution other that to go to a shop to replace them ( both in this case )