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I don't know which intake systems would be better for the car, can anyone help out please and thank you
Will not engage into 1st. gear from a dead stop, like a stop sign, always takes off in 2nd. then shifts in the higher gears OK. Would that be one of the shift solenoids...Thanks
My local honda dealer quoted 2,700 for genuine honda parts, and 1,700 for non honda parts. The car is 13 years old with 161k on it, nearly 3k for an exhaust system seems a bit ludicrous.
It cranks, has a full tank of gas, but won't kick over. I put water remover in twice and that worked both times. I had the same problem today and added the remover again but now that is not working. Any idea what it c...
passenger driver side does not open from inside or outside the car, and we to get it fixed, but door handles do not work
We go to take off and suddenly I have no power. The rpms don't go up or anything and I can't hear the motor rev up due to adding more throttle then suddenly she takes off. Only happens at the start of a take off. Some...
Its been 3 times that my vehicle got Jump started after winter started and today the mechanic is saying that alternator, battery and starter are working fine. The battery is 640 CCA and it was measured 543. I thought...
how much to replace headlight on driver side of 2002 honda accord