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oil leak: this engine oil leak is about a quart a month with constant driving , it seems to be leaking from the top of the engine. what can this be?
The power steering is making a sounds, and I want to make sure it gets the proper adjustments.
I had a body shop prep the front end and return it to me. I am installing the new parts and the new radiator but I cannot locate any transmission cooling lines that attach to the lower radiator. Where do these lines c...
smell like gas sparkplug were black and wet of gas the check engine lite blink at the same time a big s on the dash bord started to blink need help
Car engine runs incredible, no problems with it. Just trying to keep this car in incredible shape for a long time. I read that you only need to get a valve adjustment if you routinely go over 6-8 RPMS... Any help wou...
Window goes completely up in the closed position but makes a continual thud, thud, thud noise until I release the window button. Thanks, Kim
My ac/heat/defrost lights don't come on. If they do, it is very sporadic. It is pretty much stuck on what ever setting it was on before the light turned off. I haven't tried to do anything about it. What could it be???
I just changed the master cylinder and slave with brand new parts and ever since than I've been having this issue
otherwise it drives like a champ we bought some kind of fuse that plugs under hood that did not help but its the same part for reg and overdrive where is the other fuse located so i can plug it there parts house said ...
The crank shaft pulley came loose on my acoord and I need to know what I can do to fix it and what size bolt I need